Anime Monographia Kick-Off on December 14th!

What is Anime Monographia?

A blog created in the interest of engaging others with anime content in a way that is both fun and intellectually stimulating. Given the diversity and richness of anime out there, anime is a unique medium of culture and storytelling (often distinctly Japanese but not always).

In other words, anime is not just cartoons. It’s a way of viewing, contemplating and understanding life and human nature.

When will you actually start putting up content?

Anime Monographia’s official blog launch is scheduled for December 14th, 2013. To kick off the blog’s launch, I will be participating in 12 Days of Anime as described by Scamp in The Cart Driver. Each day, starting on December 14th and leading up to Christmas Day, I will cover an anime 2013 moment. As the name suggests, only anime that have aired in 2013 are eligible for this year’s 12 Days of Anime.

What will be covered in 12 Days of Anime?

A moment may consist anything from a character, a scene, a theme, or even a seemingly meaningless motif. Depending on the anime, some posts may be more character oriented than others.


What does Kei’s poisonously bright cake from Majestic Prince symbolize?

What happens afterwards?

I hope to post content on a semi-regular basis following the 12 Days of Anime. Potential future postings may include episode recaps, series reviews, and more in-depth “close readings” of thematically rich anime.


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