Share the love, Attack on Titan style

What day is it? I have the feeling I’m forgetting something…Nah, it’s probably not important. I can totally tell her when we come back.

Valentine’s Day may be overly commercialized and serves little purpose than to line the pockets of card, flower and candy-making conglomerates, but there’s no reason that’s the only way to celebrate!

Write a heartfelt message on a greeting card (bonus points if it’s hand-made). Fight with other guys over the least dessicated flowers in the floral shop–your special one deserves only the best. Prepare a special meal for your loved ones (doubled score if it includes potatoes).

Or even a simple, “Hey, you mean a lot to me, yeah? Let’s do something in case the world ends or something.”

Note that you don’t have to do this on Valentine’s Day, but since that’s today and every retailer out there is throwing out their goods to you in rabid desperation, why not take advantage?

Not to be morbid or anything, you wouldn’t want to end up in this situation.


"Please kill me now."
“Please kill me now.”

In other words, don’t be Levi. If you haven’t expressed your feelings to the people you love yet, you might want to do now. Today. Soon. Life’s too short (especially with Titans out there) to dawdle and let time take its course.

In the interest of restoring levity to this post, check out these awesome Attack on Titan Valentine’s Day Card templates featuring your favorite AoT characters!


3 thoughts on “Share the love, Attack on Titan style

  1. Dude, you’re wrong. Levi loves Eren and EREN IS STILL ALIVE.

    All jokes aside, this was a nice little post. Valentine’s Day is already over where I am, but I do like to think I express the love I feel towards those I care about every day, so V-day doesn’t signify for me.


    1. Point taken. Perhaps Levi’s love for Petra was purely platonic…that scene still whams you in the gut like a Female Titan though.

      I’m not completely sold on the Ereri pairing just yet, but maybe because this fanfic, Audacity, has taken over what’s left of my life. It’s a monstrously long and awesome fic. Check it out here.

      Thanks! Valentine’s Day is really more of a “Love Reminder” Day anyway. We shouldn’t need reminders to appreciate loved ones but sometimes an annual reminder serves as a helpful milestone for people, and an excuse to indulge in some brightly colored reproductive organs.


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