12 Days of Anime Preview: 2014’s Theme “A Place to Belong”

It’s that time of year again. With fall season wrapping up, it’s time to look back at the anime of 2014. As the same with last year, I’ll be participating in 12 Days of Anime, a seasonal blogging project for anibloggers that involves daily posts on twelve notable “anime moments of the year”, with the first post starting on December 14th and the final post ending on Christmas Day.

12 Days of Anime is a great way for all anibloggers–established, new, or aspiring–to generate some great thoughts on anime. I highly encourage any interested bloggers (and about-to-be-bloggers) to take part in this.

Unlike last year’s sporadic posts, this year I’m doing something new and attempt to build my 12  Days posts around a certain theme.

This year’s theme is “A Place to Belong.” It’s a theme that resonates in many, if not most, of the anime this year. People are, in general, social creatures, and our identities are forged by the people, the places, the ideas that touch us. And with that identity formation, we find ourselves at one point, figuring out where we actually belong–geographically, socially, ideologically, and emotionally. It’s also a theme that works with the holiday season.

To make things a little fun, here is a sneak preview schedule of the 12 Days of Anime posts for this year. See if you can match up each moment with the correct anime!

Day #1: Of Gods and Entrepreneurship

How does a minor god survive in a dominantly secular world? For the price of 5 yen, he’ll do anything you’d like from taking down bad guys to cleaning your bathroom. A former god of calamity starts a business to gain worshippers.

Day #2: Stitch by Stitch: The Cult of Fashion

sailorfukuAt least for those of us who had to suffer through compulsory school dress code, school uniforms aren’t something we look too fondly back on. But the clothes we wear and whether or not we feel comfortable in them, says a lot about us. A young girl who goes on a quest for vengeance ends up finding love and friendship, their threads sewn lovingly into every stitch of her life.

Day #3: Taking the Reins

horseboyYou know that feeling when you love something so much it consumes every moment of your day? Story of every overachieving high schooler or college student. A city boy learns to be one with his horse while juggling a million other responsibilities in high school.

Day #4: The Death of the Saboteur

saboteurHighly experienced assassin seeking employment. Discounts available upon request during peacetime. Willing to accept all forms of payment including but not limited to silver coins, good food, and company with bazooka wielding, coffin-carrying lolis.

Day #5: A Playground of Words

lithosphere It’s not about the rules, it’s about how you bend them. Words have power. Especially in real life. And games. Look at this really cool game, you can use words to make the whole universe EXPLODE–

Day#6: Anatomy of the Smile

laughingA public service announcement for you. His name might be Smile, but if he’s really smiling, then run for the hills. Otherwise, you won’t make it out alive.

No, really, you won’t.

Day #7: The Year of Nobunaga

nobunagaThree interpretations of Japan’s most iconic historical figure. Only the one who’s actually NOT Nobunaga holds water.

Day #8: Break and Entry: Security Issues in Gaming

snipereyeJust because it’s virtual doesn’t make it unreal. But the real world can be a helluva scary place, and it’s a good policy to practice good internet safety, regardless of how good a shot you are.

Day #9: Dudes and Their ‘Do’s’: Female Sexuality and Hair

hairgirlHair can be deep. Real deep. The most cracktastic title of the year manages to say some “penetrating” things about female sexuality. Thought-provoking fanservice at its finest.

Day #10: The Sinister Right? Handedness and Morality

righthandDid you know that “left-handedness” was thought to be associated with evil and all things sinister? Japanese Peter Parker, whose right hand has a penchant for Dostoyevsky, struggles to find a balance between humanity and rationality, emotion and reason, and right from wrong.

Day #11: Mothers and Sons

motherandsonDad might take all of the credit, but it’s really mothers that shape heroes. Two young knights work together to free the land from monsters.

Day #12: Lights, Camera, Action! The Art and Science of Entertainment

bearHaving fun is easy. Making it fun for others? That’s a whole other story. An apathetic former child actor is threatened by gunpoint (quite literally) to revive a dying amusement park and rekindles the spark of childhood fun.


8 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime Preview: 2014’s Theme “A Place to Belong”

  1. Your presentation is awesome! I’m looking forward to your posts despite me not having seen most of them (11/12) 😛

    My guess about the titles is:
    1. Noragami, 2. Kill la Kill, 3. Silver Spoon, 4. Chaika, 5. No Game No Life, 6.Kuroshitsuji circus, 7. Nobunaga concerto, 8. SAO II, 9. Ore wa Twintails, 10. Parasyte, 11. Aldonoah zero, 12. Amagami Park


    1. Thank you! I hope to introduce at least a few good titles people may have overlooked or skipped this year through 12 Days.
      Also, good guess on the titles, especially since you haven’t seen most of them…you did miss one though…I’ll let you figure out which one 😛


      1. Yep, it’s Garo. The color palettes for both shows are kind of similar, now that I think about it.

        I’ve been trying to read more blogs as well, just to stay up to date on the shows that I haven’t watched.


  2. I see Noragami in the list. I would like to participate too but I haven’t watched a lot of Anime this year since I committed myself with reading more Manga instead.


    1. Good eye! Noragami the anime ended prematurely but I’ve heard good things about the manga. You could always do a 12 Days of Manga if you’ve done more manga this year. The sky’s the limit. 12 Days is really just to encourage bloggers to produce some reflective thoughts on the anime they’ve seen (the anime doesn’t even have to be one that just aired this year). People get pretty creative and it’s exciting to see what people come up with.

      Also, welcome to Anime Monographia!


    1. Thanks for the invite–I’ve already done a Liebster post so I don’t think I’ll be doing another. Your questions sound pretty interesting though. Nice to see another English lit graduate blogging about anime–looking forward to future posts!


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