Break and Entry: Security Issues in Gaming in Sword Art Online 2

In light of recent events regarding the VRMMORG, Gun Gale Online, the tech support team of Zaskar would like to make a public service announcement on the importance of internet safety in gaming.


The advent of the Internet and the Amusphere technology has dramatically revolutionized the way children interact with the world. Children now have access to boundless deposits of information, tools to freely express their creativity, and contact with people all over the world. However, along with these offerings, Net gaming also poses some new risks that include but are not limited to:

  • Cyberbullying, including sexual predation
  • Exposure or access to inappropriate/pornographic material
  • Revealing too much personal information

While the fast advances in VRMMORG and FullDive technology may intimidate parents and adults, having a basic knowledge of internet safety can help mitigate these risks and ensure that the virtual world remains a safe and wholesome place for your children to learn and grow. Here are some tips and strategies to help protect your children. The Safety Committee of VRMMORG, sponsored by RECT Progress, Inc (developer of the Amusphere) recommends parents follow these safety tips and discuss them with your children to begin a dialogue about internet safety.


1)  Don’t give out personal information while gaming. Personal information includes things like your last name, home address, school name or telephone numbers. You never know what kind of sickos could be lurking behind an invisibility cloak, ready to snap up your personal information for scams or other unsavory pursuits. Just because someone asks for information about you does not mean you have to tell them anything about yourself!


2) On a similar note, avoid really obvious screen names involving your last name or birthdate. While first name usage is probably okay, it’s best if you kept your avatar’s name as distant from your real-world identity as possible.


3) Choose your online (and real life) friends carefully. Just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean it isn’t real! While you can’t actually get killed by the game, the game makes it easier for people to disguise themselves as likable people.  That cute girl you thought as your new bestie? It may turn out that she’s actually a guy. Which you might be okay with, or you might not. Take the proper steps to protect yourself from sexual harassment.


4) Keep all gaming devices and other Web-connected technologies in a high-traffic area of your home. This way, you can monitor your children and ensure they are safe while gaming. On a similar note, it is highly inadvisable to have your children gaming when home alone, as this puts them at risk for physical, real world dangers which include but are not limited to natural disasters, fires, burglaries and trespassers.


5) As a recommended precaution, we advise gamers who live alone to make sure that their homes are installed with the most current locks and updated security updates. 


6) Establish limits for which online MMORGs your children may visit and for how long. This will help your children balance their recreational activities with real world priorities such as schoolwork, socializing, and work. Though we are not to be held responsible for any tantrums your children may dish out in retaliation to the establishing of these limits.


7) Help online authorities fight cybercrime. If you witness or suspect something or someone that may be involved in an act of cybercrime or cyberterrorism, please file an incident report to the VRMMORG Safety Committee’s Cybercrime Hotline Center. For your own safety, do not try to handle or engage with cybercriminals on your own.


6) Stay current and up to date with the latest news on online safety and gaming. Check trusted websites for the latest information, including notifications on incident reports related to gamers. Be a good citizen and share this information with friends, families and fellow players and encourage them to be web wise. Please refer to the GGO Weekly News Bulletin for the latest gaming news.

Follow these rules and we guarantee a perfectly safe gaming experience for you and your children!

5 thoughts on “Break and Entry: Security Issues in Gaming in Sword Art Online 2

      1. SAO’s a funny franchise. On one hand, it’s got potential and has shown itself capable of telling a good story. On the other hand, its so aware of its popularity that it can’t help but squander its potential by pandering to its audience. GGO was a fairly decent arc but like most of SAO had some serious flaws. It’s a fun arc to watch as long as you don’t think too deeply about it.


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