The Official Seraph of the End Drinking Game

“I won’t kill a friend. I promised I wouldn’t abandon them…and you can’t kill me either…if you’re the same as me, if your family died right before your eyes, then there’s no way you can kill a friend!” -Hyakuya Yuu


Despite being an unabashed shonen fan, I do my best to be critical of the shonen anime that I choose to watch. Not that this is an exercise  to prove that I’m not just your anime casual who likes mainstream titles–I am an anime casual who likes mainstream titles–but it’s important for all anime fans and in general, for all of us who consume media and entertainment, to be thoughtful in what we’re watching. Contrary to common belief, critically watching a show doesn’t mean that you can no longer appreciate it. In fact, being aware of the flaws and moving beyond blind adoration can actually help you appreciate a work all the more. And let’s face it, the perfect anime is a rare beast indeed.


Seraph of the End (Owari no Seraph) is a strange creature in of itself. As far as shonen titles go, it’s got a great albeit generic premise–a teenager who’s essentially gone through hell and has a bone to pick with some vampires. We’ve seen vampires and we’ve seen post-apocalyptic dystopias. We’ve seen high school settings (too many of them, perhaps) and demons. Heck, we’ve seen vampires in high schools, demons in post apocalyptic dystopias or high school students in post apocalyptic settings. But to have all four in one show? Sounds like the set-up for a perfectly ambitious mess.


What we have is certainly no masterpiece, nor is the worst shonen to grace the anime realm. But Seraph of the End‘s momentary vacillations of brilliance and genuine intrigue are mired in its insistence on being painfully average, playing straight almost every shonen trope (and then some) with the perfunctory air of checking off a checklist. And checklists, as we know, aren’t much fun.


Solution? Turn Seraph of the End into a drinking game.

For drinking game rules, it’s pretty straightforward. Here’s a link to a good site with some basic rules for the drinking game, which I’ll highlight here:

  • Avoid hard alcohol or drinks with high alcoholic content. The point of the game is to have fun and make it through all the episodes, not get wasted.
  • If hosting, make sure you provide an array of different drinks, for all comfort levels. This includes EANABS (equally attractive nonalcoholic beverages) for nondrinkers.
  • Don’t drink more than you can handle. Trust me, your body will thank you in the morning.
  • Don’t drink and drive. Obviously.
  • There’s a time and place for trying out insanely innovative, likely toxic concoctions. A drinking game is not one of them. 

Without further ado, round up some friends, rustle up some drinks, and appreciate the awesome absurdity of Seraph of the End!

Disclaimer/Warning: Participating in this activity may result in either a deeper appreciation or hatred of all things shonen. Documented side effects include but are not limited to: experiencing inexplicable urges to kill vampires, breaking nonexistent military formations and being general assholes towards children.

Let’s start with the END OF THE WORLD


Take a drink whenever…

  • There’s a flashback
  • There’s voiceover narration.
  • A child is killed onscreen


  • A vampire grabs a child by the neck
  • Food is wasted (this includes vampires drinking blood)
  • A vampire refers to humans as “livestock”
  • There’s a time-skip
  • There’s a dream sequence
  • Ruined landscape featuring broken cars and buildings…but no bodies

All eyes on Yuu now…


Take a drink whenever…

  • Yuu proclaims “I’m gonna kill all the vampires” (or close variant of this)
  • Tsundere!Yuu
  • Yuu pouting
  • Yuu beats the crap out of someone
  • Someone beats the crap out of Yuu


  • Yuu talks about his family
  • Yuu has a nightmare
  • Yuu disobeying orders
  • Yuu exchanges a meaningful gaze with Mika
  • Yuu’s berserk button is pushed
  • vlcsnap-2015-06-09-20h02m59s214
  • Yuu is tackled by Yoichi
  • Yuu makes a friendship speech

Watch out for creepers, Mika…


Take a drink whenever…

  • Ferid makes a lewd gaze or pass at Mika
  • Anyone making a lewd gaze or pass at Mika (yeah, you too, loli vampire queen, get in line)
  • There’s a suggestive shonen-ai moment
  • vlcsnap-2015-06-09-18h29m30s190Mika scowling
  • Yandere!Mika

Kid, you’ve just been drafted into the Japanese Imperial Demon Army…


Take a drink whenever…

  • Shinoa making a derpy face
  • Shinoa walking cutely
  • Guren kicking the crap out of Yuu


  • Guren messing with his hair
  • Someone yelling “Do not break formation”


  • Someone “breaking formation”
  • Guren strutting with his two haremettes
  • Snarky!Shinoa


    • Someone dramatically yells out that they’ll protect their friends
    • There’s situational dissonance


  • Someone dopes or takes some drugs
  • Someone ordering their troops to withdraw
  • Anyone chiding Yuu for flying solo
  • A group of people walk in a straight line, for no discernable reason and often at great positional disadvantage


  • There’s an underground fight scene
  • It’s rainin’ blood

How absurd can you go?


Take a drink whenever…

  • Speed lines are used in action scenes
  • Someone throws in a random Biblical reference
  • There is excessive property damage
  • Fighting is the defacto greeting of a new comrade


  • A vampire uses modern technology
  • The protag’s land in a clusterf*ck
  • Someone makes a dramatic speech while lying in a pool of blood
  • People have a conversation on the roof, for no apparent reason
  • Foreshadowing punches you in the face
  • vlcsnap-2015-06-08-18h38m31s217 And then once more for good measure (just in case you somehow missed it the first time)


And these are just a few to get the party started! What are some other scenes we can add to the game?


11 thoughts on “The Official Seraph of the End Drinking Game

    1. Yep, pretty much. =)

      I considered separating the list into “Normal” and “Hard” modes…but then realized the futility of doing so. Obviously, this drinking game is not for the faint of heart…

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The Japanese fanbase definitely loves the Yuu x Mika pairing. A lot of Pixiv fanart revolves around this alone (the rest are characters looking cool with their weapons).

    The Seraph manga has a companion light novel series, serving as a prequel to the main story. It’s meant to be read in tandem with the manga, since it gives more backstory on Seraph’s universe, the different factions and surviving characters pre-Apocalypse. It’s vital in understanding character personalities, such as why Guren is so disobedient towards his Hiiragi superiors. He’s hated their family for ages, plus the Hiiragis are awful, terrible people.

    The novel is getting an English translation, but it won’t be out until this December. Assuming the anime is following the manga without LN extras, anime-only viewers could be missing out on the full experience.
    So, I could share some info if you’re interested.

    PS. Asuramaru’s a boy/trap. Official fanbook just confirmed this.
    PSS. The LN’s also written by the manga writer, so plot consistency is guaranteed. 🙂


    1. Forgot to mention: The LN covers the exploits of 15-yr old Guren and his quest to prevent the incoming Apocalypse. Judging from the manga, I’d say he failed miserably.

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    2. I don’t look at fan art much but I’m not surprised about the Yuu x Mika pairing. The source material does seem to be strongly hinting it.

      I didn’t know about the light novel series…don’t think I’m hard core enough to follow Seraph other than the anime but it’s good that there’s some world building going on, especially since there’s not much of that in the anime. Guren is an interesting guy and the anime has hinted to his guilt and role in the apocalypse. Maybe an OVA series might be released? Seraph’s definitely popular enough for that.

      Is there any vampire coverage in the LN extras? We still have no idea what their agenda is, how they appeared, and who they are, really.


      1. The LN (and later the manga) go into the vampires. Most of their story is still a mystery, but the few facts are:

        1) The vampire community has existed for a very long time. Seraph’s universe is an alternate one, where magic and mythical creatures exist.
        2) Pre-Apocalypse, the vampires kept to themselves in their underground cities. They weren’t confident their numbers were great enough to take on the human majority.
        3) The vampires only came out after realizing they would starve to death without a permanent human blood supply post-Apocalypse. They only took people to secure a blood source.
        4)Their real agenda is to defeat the Imperial Army, not humans in general. It’s implied they know what caused the Apocalypse, since they intend to punish the Army for dabbling in “forbidden knowledge” that caused the Apocalypse and compromised their old lifestyle.

        It is implied the “forbidden knowledge” relates to the Black Demon weapons, researched by the Hiiragi family (and later the religious group the Hyakuya Church).
        There is an implication also the Apocalypse may have been engineered by one of the above factions, either for power, fundamental religious dogma, or both.


    1. Haha, have fun and don’t go with anything strong. I’ve been reliably informed that this game will pretty much kill you in 1-2 episodes if you go with anything too potent.


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