What is Anime Monographia?

A blog created in the interest of engaging others with anime content in a way that is both fun and intellectually stimulating. It’s a safe space to delve more deeply into anime and discuss narrative construction, character development, the viewer’s experience–all that good stuff. Anime Monographia aims to create a bridge between casual or new watchers and hard-core anime otaku by generating thoughtful dialogue on popular, but narratively nuanced shows.

Who runs this blog?

jstorming.  A casual anime otaku (oxymoron there). Only slightly obsessive about children’s card games.

The best anime to grace the planet.
The best anime to grace the planet.

I stick mostly to mainstream titles, preferably ones with sizable fandoms (bigger fandoms means more fanfiction).  I also read and write fanfiction, fiction and occasionally appallingly bad poetry.

When I’m not watching anime, I enjoy archery, playing board games and writing fiction.

Contact Info

If you would like to drop a comment or suggestion, or have an idea or an anime you’d like covered, send me an email. Feedback is good.

Email: animemonographia@gmail.com

Obligatory MAL: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/tuojiangosaurus

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    1. Aw, how sweet. Unfortunately, I’ve already gotten quite a few similar blog nominations this year so I’m not planning to participate in this one…frankly, my life is not very interesting. 🙂 I do appreciate the nomination!

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