By no means a comprehensive page of notable anime blogs, but here are some of my favorites. Check them out!

Anime Cataclysm – You will either pale in admiration or in fear at the sheer volume of posts churned out.  A new blog with mainly anime reviews, typically on mainstream titles. Currently on hiatus.

Anime Commentary – Most anibloggers focus on narrative. Some focus on cinematography. This guy does both.

Atelier Emily – Her words are pure art.

Beneath the Tangles – Where anime meets religion. Cool.

Draggle’s Anime Blog – Tongue in cheek, brutally honest humor that’s always spot on. Also, his SAO fanfiction is gold.

Chromatic Aberration Everywhere – Probing with a laid-back inquisitive flair.

Fantastic Memes – Run by an earnestly emotive, imouto-loving and open-minded intellectual.

Isn’t It Electrifying? – I secretly dream of writing for them. Excellent analyses on currently airing anime as well as thoughtful “meta-dump” posts.

Mage in a Barrel – iblessall is the most optimistic aniblogger I’ve come across. We need more of that.

Medieval Otaku – An intersection between anime, religion and medievalism.

Moe Sucks – Moe sucks? Blasphemy! E-minor does excellent episodic analysis with just enough cynicism.

Otaku Lounge – Scholarly yet laid-back, the place to chillax and talk about anime.

Random Curiosity – Thoughtfully prolific and prolifically thoughtful. I’m envious.

Shizumi’s Anime Blog – Spot-on shipping sensibilities.

Standing on My Neck – True to his moniker, flawfinder looks at anime (among other things) with a critical eye.

The Cart Driver – A volatile cocktail of acerbic wit, intense fanboying, and delightfully entertaining commentary.

Tsukiyo no Hikari – Deep thoughts on J-Pop.

The Untold Story of Altair & Vega – The classiest anime critique blog I’ve happened across. Very talented army of writers.

Wrong Every Time – On the contrary, Bobduh’s writing is concise, clever and clearly right most of the time.


13 thoughts on “Blogroll

    1. Oh wow, you’re a very prolific writer! I think you’ve written more posts in a month than I have in a year 🙂 Your blog is very stylish and visually appealing and you cover a lot of very popular anime.
      Is English your second language? If so, your English is very good! I did notice some typos scattered throughout several of the reviews, so just a tip–it might be beneficial to go back and clean those up so that your prose is as beautiful as your website. This is a good practice to get into as many bloggers, myself included, don’t catch all of the typos on a first read (or re-read).

      I’m in the middle of revamping my blogroll and will definitely include your blog.


      1. Thank you very much for your feedback on my blog! And Yes, English is my second language. Sorry for the late reply and I’ve already added you to my blogroll. 🙂


    1. Hey, and welcome to Anime Monographia! Sure, I’d be happy to trade links. You have some great analysis (really liked your Kill la Kill post on clothing and control). I’ll have to peruse your blog a little more so I can come up with a pseudo-pithy descriptor for your blog. 🙂


      1. Thank ya kindly. ^.^ I loved your post on how to approach analysis of film; the Lewis quotes certainly apply here, as viewing a work critically requires a good amount of effort in understanding the work on several levels – the textual or visual narrative (or both, depending on the work) as it stands, the social and historical background, what the author contributes philosophically to his work, and plenty of others. A full picture (if one can find one, at least) of the work and its development would cover a lot of ground.

        Oh, and one thing about my blog – my first 200 or so entries aren’t that intriguing. ^.^;; They’re merely plot summaries, with a very brief analysis attached; some don’t really have an analysis, so they’re kinda old shames of mine.


      2. That’s all right. I’ll take that into account when I look at your older posts…you don’t have to call them old shames. It’s kind of cool to look back on the old stuff you’ve written and see how much you’ve progressed.

        Traditional academics could certainly benefit from looking at works on different levels–sometimes it’s easy to get siloed into one perspective, or one main methodology of doing things.


  1. Hey, again. Got some silly-stupid news. ^.^;; I made a new blog, Anime Commentary Redux, after I deleted the Media files in my old one. Did not think that through. x.x Would it be OK to exchange the link for the new one?


  2. @jstoming, please trade link with me too. Your blog is awesome and I want to exchange link with you so I can read your essay when I have free time. I will put your link in my blogroll – “Sushi Roll” page.

    My link is
    My blog is just an amateur compare to you. I’m writing analysis and review focused on anime/manga.


    1. Sushi Roll, sounds delicious! Thank you for visiting Anime Monographia and for your kind comment. As of 2015, I have decided to not trade links for my blogroll. To keep things tidy and clean, I only keep blogs that I regularly follow on my blogroll and prefer to keep it that way. I’m very flattered that you find my blog so awesome and I hope you continue to check it out in the future. It’s great that you’ve started a blog–and I see we both share the same great taste in Magi. Best of luck in your blogging ventures!


      1. Thanks for reply. I really don’t know you will not trade link anymore. Anyway thanks for visiting my blog. I hope i can write very well like you someday.


      2. You’re welcome. I’ll need to put a note in my blogroll so it’s made more clear. It’s always great to meet new anibloggers. You can only get better by writing more (something I need to do more of), so best of luck to you and your writing.


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