12 Days of Anime #6 Übermensch in Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

What’s cool, cooler and coolest?


Inspiring others to help themselves.

While we marvel, gape, or go into asphyxiating fits of disbelief, Sakamoto’s magnetic draw is not just his ability to perform physics defying, visually stunning feats of physical prowess and artistic virtuosity, but how his impossibly cool actions encourage people to develop the confidence and show the best of themselves. In Sakamoto’s presence, there is no such thing as shame, only a calm exuberance, an boundless celebration of the self, free from the shackles of societal propriety. It’s not just okay to be weird, Sakamoto seems to say each and every time he changes someone’s life, it’s glorious. And even Sakamoto himself, is no exception to this rule. The proliferation of kindness is akin to the remarkable exponential growth of a hardy bacteria population . Habitual good deeds are returned hundredfold.

Vulnerable Sakamoto is best Sakamoto.
Vulnerable Sakamoto is best Sakamoto.

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