Dudes and Their ‘Do’s’: Female Sexuality and Hair in Gonna be the Twin-tail!!

7 thoughts on “Dudes and Their ‘Do’s’: Female Sexuality and Hair in Gonna be the Twin-tail!!

  1. Wow, damn, this is a surprisingly serious and insightful commentary into what I thought was a totally silly show. I never thought deeper into the whole Twintails theme besides “LOL TWINTAILS ARE CUTE”.

    Also, I never got to the end of Twintails, so I don’t know to what degree Souji really grows up past the twintails obsession or how much that theme is emphasised by the narrative itself. Apparently the light novels are still publishing, with seven volumes currently released. I doubt the anime covered everything that’s been written. Maybe that hint of Souji growing up was an anime-original ending? Who knows. Either way, that little moment seems a little sharper than the rest of the show’s writing.


    1. Thanks. I have no doubt the intended message is nothing more than “LOL TWINTAILS ARE CUTE” but it’s fun to treat this show as something more intelligent. I haven’t read the light novels but the anime seems to be heading in the direction of Souji growing up–his kiss with Dark Grasper has caused a gender identity crisis of sorts in him–on one hand, he didn’t think it mattered since he was a “girl” at the time and didn’t see it as anything sexual. On the other hand, he also realizes later that he rather enjoyed it.

      What I did really enjoy was the scene where Souji and Aika are both washing their hair and Souji becomes horrified when Aika tells him that he has to undo his twin tails to wash his hair. This seems to be an indirect way of telling him that he idealizes twin tails the way society idealizes female virginity. Again, this feeds back to the gender double standards of men being empowered through sexual activity and women being shunned for it. We may like our moe, twin tailed girls but they’re not real, and it would be an insult to women to hold them to such standards.

      I enjoy talking about this too much, as you can tell.


  2. Wow. I enjoyed reading reading your posts! I never really thought of this show at this level. I might pick up the show again. Thanks for writing this! It’s really great to read other people’s thoughts on shows like this, which I initially regard as something silly.


    1. Thanks! Ore Twintails flails a little in the middle episodes, and is certainly not for everyone. It’s definitely not the kind of show I typically watch but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. If anything, I’m just impressed they managed to take something utterly ridiculous sounding and refine it into something watchable.

      Silly can be good and bad. Silly is approachable but we also tend to approach things with low expectations. Fortunately, Twintails seems aware of this, so it’s fine with not taking itself too seriously. And if we end up learning a little something along the way, well, that’s just a bonus.


  3. This is first time See ANYONE have serious thought for This retard show……..which I love for how stupid it is……guess I was wrong afterall……or maybe U think too much?(゚Д゚)


  4. I just love this show for the fact it was my first time watching something so cliche and simple. While I grew up in the USA I always avoided shows such as Power Rangers and Power Puff Girls for reasons that are unknown to the current me. Because of that this show was actually new to me so while it is “cliche” it was a wonderful and unique ride for me. The characters were just too cute to not love; Souji is the most adorable male MC I have came across, optimistic, and adorable (just too damn adorable); Aika was that cute tsundere that every comedy show needs; Erina was that girl who you expected to be more “proper” doesn’t live up to said expectations (not a bad thing); Twoearle was that big pervert out to get the MC’s virginity at every chance she could; and the antagonists were actually a group of really nice perverts with with weird fetishes. Also, this might just be me, but genderbending in Anime is probably the coolest idea ever, I wish there were more shows that capitalise on this idea. I never knew I would like a hair-style this much until I came across this show. 9/10 TAIL ON!!


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